Traditional Stocking Fillers Christmas 2015

Traditional Stocking Fillers Christmas 2015

Surely not…just 1 month until Christmas Eve. The year has absolutely flown by. So what is in your Christmas Stocking this year?

Here is our top 10 best selling traditional stocking fillers this festive season. Will these be in your stocking this Christmas?

1. Twist and Lock Blocks 85p each

Twist and Lock Blocks






2. Wooden Noughts and Crosses £1.25 (available in 2 colours)

Traditional stocking fillers wooden toys stocking fillers






3. Wooden Animal Pencils 75p each

animal pencils






4. Wooden Whistle £1.75 each

wooden whistles






5. Gliders available in 2 designs (prices start at 40p)

dino glidersSanta poly gliders






6. Wooden Push Ups (start at £1.99) 3 designs available.

wooden push up clown wooden push up pixie wooden push up robot






7. Melissa and Doug Bag of Bugs £3.99

bag of bugs






8. Metal Adventurers Compass £1.99

Children's compass






9. Wooden Acrobatic Monkey £1.99

wooden acrobatic monkey






10. Nutty Putty Individual Packs (start at £1.85)

nutty putty toy at The Bear and Miss Rabbit

Christmas is coming….Why we love Traditional Wooden Toys

Christmas is coming….Why we love Traditional Wooden Toys

It is that time of year when we are deciding what toys Santa will bring to our good boys and girls. Plastic, wooden, branded, character related….There is so much to choose from.

We love traditional wooden toys at The Bear and Miss Rabbit. But why?

Well, there are lots of reasons…

As a parent myself, I want toys that look great, will last, encourage imaginative play and will provide hours of entertainment in a variety of ways and I feel wooden toys achieve this.

Wooden Toys have a feel of quality about them. You feel as if you have invested in a gift that will last. The design of them is tried and tested having been around for many generations.

But the main reason we love traditional wooden toys is because they involve children.

I love seeing how children develop and explore with wooden toys; watching children physically interact with the toy by pushing, pulling, turning, or connecting its pieces and parts. This leads to a more imaginative mind.

penguin pushalong

Even better – I love the way that children aren’t restricted by a wooden toy. The way that the parts of a wooden toy can be used in different ways .  Are these coloured wooden blocks that we can build and stack; or are they pretend pots of paint for our teddies to use? Are these wooden animals from a chunky puzzle; or are they wooden animals to make a farm? The possibilities are endless with so many ways to play.

Learn new vocabulary as children immerse themselves in a small world of wood – wooden kitchens, wooden food, pirate ships, puppet theatres, shops and so much more. A classic wooden toy is sure to be a favourite in any household.

Wooden toys also have a longer lifetime for your child. A wooden walker with alphabet blocks can be used as a walker; to learn colours; to stack the blocks, to learn the alphabet; to make words…and will last through the preschool years and first few years at school.

Wooden Toys also tend to be timeless in their appeal.  This is timeless in both their design, the way they look and how long they last. I already have some of our traditional wooden toys stashed safely in the loft for future grandchildren – and I am sure my own children will be delighted to share their wooden toys with our future generations.

Tidlo London Train Set Tidlo wooden pirate ship


What do you prefer – the bells and whistles of plastic, or the imaginative timelessness of wood?

Will you have traditional wooden toys under your tree this Christmas?

Let me know!

Tracy x

Traditional toys, gifts and arts and crafts that everyone will love.

Traditional Toys for One Year Olds

Traditional Toys for One Year olds

Looking for traditional toys of one year olds? A first Christmas or a first birthday? What an exciting time. A great time to reflect on how much children change in that first year and how they are now keen to learn about the world around them.

At Th Bear and Miss Rabbit; we have always been passionate about toys that last; toys that encourage Children to learn; and that allow for imaginative play.

Here is a selection of our favourite traditional toys for one year olds.

Looking for wooden pushalongs; bath toys, first puppets or more besides – then we have lots of ideas that may help!

Wooden Bath Toys

Our range of wooden bath toys from Plan Toys are suitable for age 1+ Years and are just £11.99

bath toys Plan


Or how about the cute Up Up cups from B Toys at just £3.99…..possible stocking filler?

Up Up Cups


Wooden Push Alongs

One of the first traditional toys we stocked and still continues to be a best seller. The familiar click clack sound as the push along trundles along the ground. This also help to encourage first steps and will last well into the toddler and pre school years. With over 15 designs to choose from; including Beatrix Potter, Lions, Pirates, Kangaroos and Polar Bears; you are sure to find one you like.


Wooden Push alongs


Puppets for One Year Olds

We stock a gorgeous range of hand finished puppets from Italian design team Trudi. These are suitable from birth. They are very soft and very tactile and will quickly become a new best friend. We love puppets as they help you to bring stories and rhymes to life. We have a cute mouse (Three Blind Mice); a wolf and a pig (The three little pigs) and even duet puppets.


10-01-12_14-14-25_29912 5-03-14_10-38-17_80.29913_mouse_puppet


Wooden Puzzles

Wooden Puzzles create so many learning opportunities. From colours, shapes, to matching up the shape with the spaces – puzzles are great fun and encourage early hand eye cordination. We have some lovely first puzzles in stock. Why not also play a simple came of hide and seek and see if your child can spot the missing piece?

Melissa and doug First Shapes Puzzle


The Orange Tree Toys snake puzzle is suitable for 1+ Years and will last well into the start of school. Colours, letters, phonics, upper case and lower case – this wooden puzzle has it all sorted.

alphabet snake


Looking for more ideas? Just pop over and see us at The Bear and Miss Rabbit – Traditional Toys, gifts and arts and crafts. You can even make your own wishlist to share with family and friends.



Rainy day ideas for the summer holidays

Rainy Day Ideas for the Summer Holidays

So, the school holidays have finally arrived! A big cheer from most of us as we take a break from the school run, and the shouts of ‘Uniform on!’. ‘Eat your breakfast!’, ‘Shoes on!’…’Quick…we’re going to be late!’

And as we long for sunny days playing in the park, garden and on the beach….it appears that the weather is not necessarily playing ball!

A real mixed bag here in Somerset today – cloudy, rain, heavy rain and gorgeous sunshine!

So what tricks have we got up our sleeves for those rainy days whilst at home or on holiday?

Rainy Day ideas for under £5

Need a secret stash to get you through the challenging days on the school holidays? All this is just £5! You can find all of this in our end of line offers!

Rainy Day ideas for under £5


Rainy Day Ideas for Under £10

Craft sets, scratch art sets and more will keep them busy! All this is available for under £10!


Rainy Day ideas for under £10



The forecast is good for tomorrow, so a day out is planned for us…but if the forecast is wrong again, then I may be calling on my secret stash of goodies ;)

Happy Holidays!

Why we love Nutty Putty

Why we love Nutty Putty

We first spotted Nutty Putty from Alphabet Pie at Spring Fair earlier this year.

Our arts and crafts range is one of our best sellers. I also have 2 young children who love to get creative. After spotting this, I thought this would be an ideal addition to our range.

When is it available?

Nutty Putty from Alphabet Pie will be available in the UK at the end of April 2015. In preparation, the full range of Nutty Putty is now listed on our website.

Nutty Putty in the UK

What is it?

We were lucky enough to be sent some samples of Nutty Putty with some tools to work with.

Nutty Putty 8 Colours

How to describe it….um… comes in individually zipped packs. It is squidgy and glossy, not hard; so easy for little hands to work with.

20150328_124731    20150328_124324

It is essential to use it on the playmat provided otherwise it will stick to other surfaces, but on the playmat, it is easy to roll it, cut it and mould it.

It is a delight to work with as it doesn’t dry out. You can also easily stick colours on top of each other to create unique designs.


20150328_131451 20150328_131447 20150328_124734

You can also bake it!

20150328_13303920150328_125815 20150328_125809

The sets are full of ideas on things to create, or you can use your own imaginations. Once you have created your designs, you can pop them on the baking sheet provided, and bake them in the oven for 10 minutes. This then creates a permanent ‘toy’ to play with!

Then the fun continues…

Baked Nutty Putty is smooth, bendy and a bit bouncy! It even sticks to windows! You can therefore let your imaginations run riot with creating decorations, a set of numbers for learning, the alphabet and more besides!

20150328_145112      20150328_132434

You could also use this to create keyrings, or jewellery using the accessories set, or anything you can think of! Or check out the Nutty Putty videos for inspiration!


20150328_150012            20150328_145034

Feedback from the Product Testers

The Bear (5) and Miss Rabbit (3) loved this! They created some glow in the dark stars for their bedroom windows, trees, people and more! They loved the fact they were able to so this themselves and that they could make whatever they wanted. They particularly liked the fact that they could bake it to keep it forever. A real hit in our house and I am sure it will be in yours to!


Zipper packs


You can advance order your Nutty Putty be emailing us at or you can waitlist the range on our website.

We can’t wait for the stock to arrive!

Ways to Play – Melissa and Doug Bag of Bugs

Melissa and Doug Bag of Bugs


Melissa and Doug Bag of Bugs


These are one of our favourite spring time toys. Such a simple concept, but so many ways to play with the Melissa and Doug Bag of Bugs.

The Bag of Bugs is available in a pack of 10 bugs at just £3.99.

What can you do with them? Here are some of our ideas!

1. Learn to count from 1 to 10

2. Learn the names of each of the bugs

3. Learn to recognise and name the colours

4. Numeracy skills – take some of the bugs away and see how many are left

5. Have an indoor bug hunt on a rainy day

6. Water play – will the bugs float or sink? Great fun in the bath or the paddling pool!

7. Hide the bugs in the garden and see who can find them all the fastest


8. Divide up into party bags for a birthday treat

9. Add a magnifying glass to the set and go on a bug hunt


10. Add to the fun with the sea creatures, lizards and snakes.

snakes Lizards 41fPNidgLkL._SL500_SS500_

‘You look very summery!’ My Kids dressed me part 2

‘You look very summery’ My kids dressed me part 2

As you know, we are taking part in #mykidsdressedme for Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2015.

The campaign is now starting to snowball which is fantastic. Pippa at Story of Mum has been in The Cornishman and we have all also been featured in the Daily Mail online!

Part 2 at The Bear and Miss Rabbit HQ

I first let my kids dress me on Feburary 8th, on a Sunday, safe from the school run! But – on a cold but sunny Friday morning, infact, this morning – I did it again!

I have to say; I think I got off quite lightly. But, it was still a great insight into the minds of my kids.

Their process of dressing me works like this:

1. Choose clothes we like

2. Choose more clothes we like

3. Put them in a pile

4. Mummy puts them on

They seem to select clothes they like based on colour – they like colour, and design. So today was about scarves (yes – plural as I am wearing 2 of them), shiny red shoes, and a top that they like as they like the lace on the shoulder.

However, there is no consideration from them on weather! So despite it being a glorious sunny day, the outfit consisted of no warm socks or a coat!

My kids dressed me at The Bear and Miss Rabbit

I think I have got of lightly today! #mykidsdressedme


2 scarves as they couldn’t decide on one they both liked!


Shiny red shoes!


Some bling – available on the top of a cake from a bakers near you!

Haven given this some thought – I think if you have children under the age of 6, you may get of lightly! They seem to like to just choose colourful things that they like. Over 6….well that is when they have a concept of this being funny….you may be in trouble ;) It will be interesting to see as more people join in.


And of course – some princess jewellery


I did get a few odd looks on the school run! However – I think this is because I was a blast of colour on a cold February morning! As I entered the classroom I saw a sea of parents in hats, gloves and dark coats….

I appeared like a springtime flower! ‘You look summery’ was the most popular comment.

So, will you be joining us?

Why not join our facebook event to keep up to date.



This is all to raise some awareness and money for Comic Relief: Red Nose Day 2015. So Text FUNNY to 70011 for £1 or donate via



About the writer:

Tracy is the owner of the online Traditional Toy business The Bear and Miss Rabbit. The business recently won an Small business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis and has also been shortlisted by The Guardian for a Small Business Home Innovation Award.

Tidlo High Tea Shape Sorter – Ways to Play

Ways to Play with the Tidlo High Tea Shape Sorter


Tidlo High Tea shape sorter

We have had the Tidlo High Tea Shape Sorter for a few years now. If I think back, I think we have had it since The Bear was 3 and Miss Rabbit was 18 months (they are now 5 and 3).

If you follow us on social media and on our blog; then you will know that we like toys that last. We also like toys that encourage imaginative play; and this has certainly met that criteria. In fact, the way the kids play with this has evolved over time.

What is it?

The High Tea Shape sorter is a two tier wooden cake stand with 15 cupcakes of varying shapes. Each of the cakes also has a number underneath that corresponds to the number on the cake stand.

Ways to Play

This is just some of the ways we have played with the High Tea Shape Sorter over the last few years:

1. Use the cupcakes as wooden food for a tea party

2. Put the cakes in order by number

3. Match the cakes to their number on the cake stand

4. Line the cakes up and take one away. Work out which number is missing.

5. Name the shapes

6. Talk about the colours and name the colours on each of the cakes

7. Talk about the cakes; which one is your favourite and why

8. Celebrate a birthday. We often use these as cakes for birthday celebrations for our teddies and dolls

9. The Bear and Miss Rabbit love to put these into pretend party bags for their dolls and teddies to take home from birthday parties

10. Set up a cafe and display the cakes for sale

11. Pack up a picnic and go on an adventure

12. The Bear and Miss Rabbit have set up a classroom for their dolls and teddies and used the cakes as pretend pots of paints!

13. The Bear and Miss Rabbit went ‘sailing’ in a pretend boat this week and used the cakes as fish food :)

14. Play chefs!

These are just some of the ways we have used this. We would love to hear yours!


The Bear and Miss Rabbit is an online toy shop selling traditional toys.

All blogs are written by Tracy Martin; a Somerset mum of 2, The Bear – age 5, and Miss Rabbit age 3

National Trust – A day at Tyntesfield

A day at Tyntesfield with The Bear and Miss Rabbit

We love the National Trust; and for the second year running have been lucky enough to get National Trust membership as a family Christmas gift.

I love the places, but also the fact that it always means that wherever we are, we can usually find a great day out.

New Play Spaces

The Trust have recently set up some new play spaces at a number of their properties, and one of those local to us is at Tyntesfield.

So on Valentine’s Day, off we went on an adventure!

We were lucky – the sun was shining, and it was a glorious day.

The snowdrops were out!



And off we went.



It is a big area to explore, and some of the hills are steep (and a little slippy when wet). The 5 year old loved it, and with encouragement even the 3 year old made it to the woods.


There was lots to find enroute!



And when we found the den building area we were in for a real treat. Dens to run in, nursery rhymes, a fire, marshmallows and hot chocolate!

20150214_121209 20150214_121147 20150214_121816

More than enough for a great day of family fun!

20150214_122926 20150214_123640


We even went Apple Bobbing! (although a little helping hand was required – it was harder than it looks!)

20150214_133907 20150214_133525


Both the kids loved it! Lots to see, lots of space and very welcoming.

Daddy and I loved how welcoming it was and how clean and family friendly it was.

Next on the list is Dyrham Park; but we will definately be back!


The Bear and Miss Rabbit is an online toy shop selling traditional toys in Somerset. We visited Tyntesfield on 14th February 2015. We were not invited by Tyntesfield NT or the National Trust, or asked to write a review and therefore the opinions are entirely our own.

All blogs are written by Tracy Martin; a Somerset mum of 2, The Bear – age 5, and Miss Rabbit age 3



What Happened when my Kids Dressed Me?

When my Kids Dressed Me!

You will have seen that over the last few days, I was inspired to let My Kids dress me after seeing a post shared by Pippa at A story of Mum.

So on Sunday, I thought …well…why not! Let’s have a trial run! If we are going to recommend it, and encourage others to take part in #mykidsdressedme, for Red Nose Day 2015 then we really need to have done it ourselves!

So, I called the kids upstairs!

‘Yes Mummy..’ they said (after they eventually appeared on about the 4th time of calling them!)

‘Can you choose me an outfit please’ I requested!

The result….big smiles and excitement…a lot of shoes were discovered, tried on, cast to one side. Jewellery selected, scarves checked…and a lot abandoned on the floor.

My Stylists

I guess at this point I should introduce my stylists.

Meet ‘The Bear’. The sensible one of the family! He thinks just putting this hat on is a little bold and out there!

The Bear

In the safe hands of this cheeky chap, what could go wrong?

Well, we now introduce Miss Rabbit. Who loves pink, glitter, stripes, unicorns and rainbows. She is the more flamboyant of the two; who loves to trot about in a pair of Mummy’s heals! And this was her own combination today (and beautifully modeled!)


Miss Rabbit

How did they do?

Well I will let you be the judge of that!

Mykidsdressedme for red nose day


Want to join in?

You can find full details over on The Bear and Miss Rabbit’s Blog, why we are doing it, the inspiration and more! But, to save you some time…here it is:

What’s the plan?

On Red Nose Day, Friday 13 March, let your kids get you dressed. I have done it and believe me it is a lot of fun! You can do it then, or if you prefer, any other day in between. And if you would like to do it for longer, then feel free!

But – here is the important bit! To join in, just text “FUNNY” to 70011 to donate £1! 

And when you have a go, you could also nominate 3 others to have a go at #mykidsdressedme for Red Nose Day next!

If you do it earlier – like even TODAY or TOMORROW (9th/10th February) – you might even get your photo featured in Comic Relief’s posters and on the set… BE WARNED!

So are you up for it?

Well, thank you to Pippa at ‘Story of Mum’ for the details on what to do next! Here is how you can join in the fun!

Pledge to join us using the hashtags #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome on social media.

See if your school and/or your bravest mates fancy joining in – it will be much less embarrassing if there’s a whole gang of you looking ridiculous in the playground.

Failing that, go it alone – and nominate 3 others when you’re done!

How can we donate?

Just text “FUNNY” to 70011 to donate £1, and share your selfie! You’ll get sent a link to send your photo, and it could get used in the Red Nose Day campaign too…. in the background on TV, on posters, the sky’s the limit!

And if you want to donate more than £1, feel free to use this#mykidsdressedme Red Nose Day Giving page we made earlier with Team Honk…!

Do I have to be a mum?

NO definitely not! We want mums, dads, grandparents, teachers, in fact just about anyone who is up for being dressed by the kids in their lives.

How do I share my photo?

Post it on facebook, twitter, instagram wherever you like! Just add the #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome hashtags so we can find it. And of course, donate!

Story of Mum is also making a little My Kids Dressed Me gallery on Story of Mum, and we’d love to share your photos there too to inspire others to join in – so share it here too if you can! (just click on ‘join in’ there and find your photo to upload… )

How can I promote what we’re doing?

Please share this post, use the hashtags #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome to talk about what we’re doing, and share the text donation number!

We’ll all be encouraging more people to donate by sharing photographic evidence of us all looking ridiculous on facebook, twitter, instagram and anywhere else you care to hang out, using the #mykidsdressedme and #honkfromhome hashtags.

If you want to follow what we’re up to, find us on twitter at @storyofmum @theBearRabbit and @amyibeeson – as well as following the main @team_honk account and of course

If you’re happier in the real world than on social media, we’ll be sharing a printable poster very soon that you can use to persuade others to join in or donate.


Thanks to Driven By Design, we also have some fantastic posters and a facebook image that you can use to tell everyone what you are doing and why. So please, download and get sharing!

My Kids Dressed Me Facebook picture

Download our A4 poster here: Let your child choose A4

Download our A3 poster here: Let your child choose A3

Still not sure? Here’s a final recap:

10 reasons to let your kids dress you on Red Nose Day (or indeed any other day…!)

1. It will make your morning A LOT more fun (because it’s hard to shout “Shoes! Teeth! Now!!!” and laugh at your reflection in the mirror at the same time)

2. You might actually get to school/work/out the house on time and smiling (we got to school on time for the first time in ages because the kids couldn’t wait to show the world how fabulous I looked…)

3. Even if you don’t get to school on time, everyone will be laughing so much they probably won’t notice. Plus, if you nominate 3 other people to join you, you get to laugh at them too…

4. Your kids will think it is brilliant (either because they genuinely want to make you look ‘good’ or because they genuinely want to make you look like an idiot).

5. It’s a great confidence booster. The kids felt like visionary stylists, and I felt pretty amazing (afterwards…!) that I was actually brave enough to prance around the playground looking like that.

6. You’ll be raising invaluable funds for Comic Relief

7. Those funds will help amazing projects like these.

8. You might just discover a great new colour/clothes/hair combination that you’d never considered before. I shall be wearing pink tights and red shoes again, genuinely…

9. One silly colourful morning might just change our big grey world for the better. Because…

10.  Did I mention you’ll be raising invaluable funds for Comic Relief…?


Have fun! We certainly did!

Mykidsdressedme for red nose day

Tracy is the owner of the online Traditional Toy business The Bear and Miss Rabbit. The business recently won an Small business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis and has also been shortlisted by The Guardian for a Small Business Home Innovation Award.